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Attention Atheists: Google trends indicates: You are in a slump!

 As you can see below, across the board, words associated with atheism/agnosticism have seen lower search volume since at least April of 2012.

      *  General Agnostic and atheism terms - World

Specific atheism terms

The article Internet atheism: The thrill is gone! points out that many internet atheism websites have been in a significant slump since 2008. For more information see: Internet atheism - post 2007 market share loss
Fallout from Elevatorgate?
Richard Dawkins
Elevatorgate is a term commonly used to describe a scandal involving New Atheist Richard Dawkins' 2011 comments made to atheist Rebecca Watson which are perceived to have been inappropriate by a sizable portion of the atheist community and to the public at large.

Specifically, in July of 2011, Richard Dawkins was widely criticized within the atheist community and in various press outlets for his insensitive comments made to atheist Rebecca Watson about an incident which occurred in an elevator (see: Richard Dawkins' Elevatorgate comments).[1] Specifically, Watson was invited for coffee and a conversation late at night by a man who was a fellow atheist. Watson was upset by this and subsequently blogged about it. Following this, Richard Dawkins wrote an open letter to a fictitious Muslim woman, satirically equating Rebecca's plight with that of abused Muslim women. Watson has written about perceived widespread misogny within the atheist community and she has received threats of rape (see also: Atheism and women and Atheism and rape)..[2].


The day Elevatorgate occurred has been called the day the atheist movement died

See also: Atheist movement
Richard Dawkins is still widely criticized for igniting deep fractures in the atheist movement through his Elevatorgate scandal. For example, on November 26, 2013, the atheist activist and blogger Jen McCreight posted at Twitter the message: "Did anyone on Dawkins AMA ask how he feels about singlehandedly destroying the atheist movement with the Dear Muslima yet?" In December of 2013, atheist Jack Vance at Atheist Revolution called July 2, 2011, which is the day that Elevatorgate occurred, "The day the atheist movement died."
See also: Atheism and the internet

It was all predicted!
 In August of 2010, Conservapedia created the article Women's views of Richard Dawkins indicating that Richard Dawkins had a significant problem with the women segment of the marketplace and that he was abrasive and cowardly.

Atheist men scoffed at the article.

 As noted above, in July of 2011, the Elevatorgate scandal occured. A woman in the Skepchick community says "I look forward to watching your legacy crash and burn."

    Thursday, December 12, 2013

    UK church reports 300 Christian conversions as part of a surge of conversions

    UK church growth blog and Christian magazine report on a Welsh church receiving a surge in conversions involving 300 people:

    Welsh Outpouring focuses on Jesus

    Are we in revival ? Welsh Outpouring

    Update on the Welsh Outpouring 2013

    Will the Western World turn to faith, family and traditional values amidst failing welfare states?

     Seculization and de-secularization

    The return of religion

    Desecularization articles

    Thursday, January 24, 2013

    Occupy Wall Street failed!

    Unique visitors to the website per month according to web traffic tracking company

    Global market share of the website according to website traffic tracking company Alexa:

    Maybe if they didn't engage in so much pro-bestiality chanting the movement would have done better. Just a suggestion.

    Occupy Wall Street activists engaging in bestiality chant

    Tuesday, December 18, 2012

    The rise of teavangelicals in American politics. Teavangelicals may play a bigger role in the 2016 or 2020 U.S Presidential election. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio: Democrats Worst Nightmare

    A teavangelical is a evangelical Christian who is also a supporter of many of the positions that the Tea Party movement in America espouses.

    Hispanic teavangelicals may play a significant role in the 2016 or 2020 U.S. Presidential elections:

    Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio: Democrats Worst Nightmare

    See also:

    Rise of evangelical Christianity in Mexico

    South America and evangelicalism

    2020 and American Demographics 

    Consider this key information relating to the United States:

    The Birkbeck College, University of London professor Eric Kaufmann wrote in his 2010 book Shall the Righteous Inherit the Earth? concerning America

    High evangelical fertility rates more than compensated for losses to liberal Protestant sects during the twentieth century. In recent decades, white secularism has surged, but Latino and Asian religious immigration has taken up the slack, keeping secularism at bay. Across denominations, the fertility advantage of religious fundamentalists of all colours is significant and growing. After 2020, their demographic weight will begin to tip the balance in the culture wars towards the conservative side, ramping up pressure on hot-button issues such as abortion. By the end of the century, three quarters of America may be pro-life. Their activism will leap over the borders of the 'Redeemer Nation' to evangelize the world. Already, the rise of the World Congress of Families has launched a global religious right, its arms stretching across the bloody lines of the War on Terror to embrace the entire Abrahamic family.

    Of course, we expect the above tipping point in America to positively affect the proliferation of biblical creationism as well - especially with the aid of the Question Evolution! Campaign.

    In March of 2010, Eric Kaufmann wrote in Prospect Magazine:
    More recently, conservative American Protestants have increased from a 40 per cent minority of white Protestants born in 1900 to a two-thirds majority among those born in 1975. The slight fertility advantage of conservative over liberal Protestants accounts for three-quarters of the rise.
    On October 17, 2011,Chuck Warnock wrote:
     Conservative churches are growing and liberal ones declining because of a differential in the fertility rates of each group.   This demographic fact accounts for 80% of the “shifting fortunes of liberal and conservative Protestant churches” according to Chaves.  Apparently women in conservative denominations have borne an average of one more child than women in more liberal or moderate denominations.  Over several generations this difference becomes apparent and dramatic.

    In 2011, the Oxford University journal Sociology of Religion published an article by Eric Kaufmann, Anne Goujon and Vegard Skirbekk entitled The End of Secularization in Europe?: A Socio-Demographic Perspective which declared:
    “Silent” demographic effects can be profound in the long term. For example, Rodney Stark shows how early Christians’ favorable fertility and mortality rates when compared with Hellenistic pagans may have helped fuel a 40 percent growth rate in the Christian population of the Roman Empire over several centuries. This helped give rise to a population increase from 40 converts in 30 AD to 6 million by the year 300 leading to a “tipping point” which helped Christianity become institutionalized within the Empire (Stark 1996).

    In addition, Eric Kaufmann using a multitude of demographic studies argues in an academic paper entitled Shall the Righteous Inherit the Earth? Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century the decline of atheism in terms of its global adherents is an established trend that will persist for the foreseeable future and the rate of decline will accelerate. In the Western World, due to immigration and the higher birth rates of religious people, Kaufman writes: "Committed religious populations are growing in the West, and will reverse the march of secularism before 2050." See also: Eric Kaufmann's website

    Kaufmann told a secular audience in Australia: "The trends that are happening worldwide inevitably in an age of globalization are going to affect us."

    Also, for those who are interested in knowing more about Professor Eric Kaufmann's work on this matter, he also published a book titled Shall the righteous inherit the earth

    Sunday, August 12, 2012

    Atheism: A religion of degenerates

    Atheism is a religion of degenerates.

    Strong words?


    Christopher Hitchens, who was an atheist and a drunkard, was arguably the most popular atheists in the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st century as well. At the end of his debate with Christian apologists William Lance Craig, there was an audience question and answer period. During this question and answer period, twice Hitchens was asked to condemn bestiality, but he refused to do it each time he was asked.

    The Bible teaches that bestiality is a perversion and, under the Old Testament Jewish Law, punishable by death (Exodus 22:19, Leviticus 18:23, Leviticus 20:15 and Deuteronomy 27:21). I feel sorry for all the sheep and little dogs who have been raped by depraved atheists because prominent atheists have refused to condemn bestiality. Atheism has no basis for objective morality so it is not surprising that atheist degenerates refuse to condemn bestiality.

    Sweden has one of the highest rates of atheism and highest rates of belief in evolution in the world and they increasingly have had problems with bestiality occurring within their country. 

    On April 26, 2001, in an article entitled Swedes have more and more animal sex the Swedish news website Nettavision reported:
    Animal sex is not illegal in Sweden, and every year between 200 and 300 pets are injured because of sexual assaults.

    The estimate was presented by Svenska Veterinärforbundet, the Swedish veterinary organization, and it is now trying to make the authorities and the public more aware of animals’ suffering. The organization claim the problem has increased during the last couple of years, even if most people are unaware of it.

    “We have seen an increase since 1999 when child pornography became illegal,” said Johan Beck-Friis. “It appears, in other words, as there are some people who have replaced children with animals. In both circumstances, it is sex with defenceless individuals.
    In 2005, LifeSiteNews reported in an article entitled Bestiality on the Rise in Sexually Libertine Sweden:
    Sweden, known the world over for its avant garde sexual mores has crossed yet another barrier in its moral descent with the news that sexual abuse of animals is on the increase. A government commissioned study has found that more than 200 animals, mostly horses, have been sexually abused in Sweden since the 1970s.

    The Swedish Animal Welfare Agency collected its information based on responses received from 1,600 questionnaires sent to veterinarians, animal welfare inspectors and police agencies across the country. In the period 2000 to 2004, 119 cases of bestiality were documented, compared to just three known cases in the 1970s, 17 in the 1980s and 70 in the 1990s.

    The author of the report indicated that the numbers may not correctly reflect the real problem. Katarina Andersson, said that the rise in documented cases did not necessarily mean that there was a de facto increase.

    “We know that there must be cases that have not been documented,” she said, adding that people have also become more aware of the problem in recent years and are therefore more likely to report suspected cases to the authorities.
    In April of 2011, The Argus reported:
    The Swedish legislature is set to reconsider the law next year, but the review didn’t come about as easily as one might think. After a “bestiality ring” was exposed by a Stockholm newspaper in 2008, the issue was debated in the legislature. Agriculture minister Eskil Erlandsson’s take on bestiality at that time shocked the Swedish population and resulted in some strange headlines the world over.

    “At the end of the day, it is a judgment call what actually counts as sexual abuse of animals,” he told the legislature. “Let me give you some examples: Is it, and should it be legal to, um, coat your genitals with something that to a dog, for example, smells or tastes delicious in order that the dog might lick it off said genitals?”

    “The agriculture minister is the reason it’s taken so long for Sweden to review the legislation, because he’s been pro-bestiality,” says Pihlgren.

    Do you think he has some kind of personal interest in the matter, I asked?

    “He must – you heard what he said. I mean, when you make that kind of statement in parliament, then you’re doing something in your spare time, it’s pretty obvious.”

    “The thing is, he wasn’t [taken seriously after making that comment]. It became a media riot in Sweden afterwards,” she recalls. “He was basically forced to make a statement on TV that he did not think [bestiality] was alright, after several questions and accusations.”

    This episode, along with the busted bestiality ring, makes the topic more than a joke in Sweden. In a television interview, a Swedish veterinarian claimed she had noticed an increased incidence of sexual assault on animals in recent years.

    As you can see via the video below, the Swedish Minister of Agriculture has become a laughingstock in the world and he further embarrassed libertine Sweden.

    On May 5, 2011 the Swedish news website The Local reported:
    Gonorrhoea and syphilis are making a comeback in Sweden, with the number of reported cases among young women soaring by nearly 60 percent in 2010.

    According to new statistics from the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control (Smittskyddsinstitutet), there was a 38 percent rise in reported cases of the two diseases among Swedes in general.

    Worst hit, however, are young women between 15 and 24, where the number of cases increased by 57 percent.

    Ray Comfort vs. TheAmazingAtheism

    Ray Comfort is a very popular Christian evangelist among the Bible believing community. Ray Comfort appears to eat a healthy diet which includes fruits and vegetables. For example, Ray Comfort eats bananas.

    TheAmazingAtheist is YouTube's most popular atheists with over 300,000 subscribers. I wouldn't recommend subscribing to his channel as it is filled with filthy language and foolishness. TheAmazingAtheists was caught on videotape doing something very perverse and unusual with chocolate syrup, coffee and a banana! The embarrassing episode was dubbed BananaGate. One of the last things TheAmazingAtheist needs in his residence is chocolate syrup given the abundant amount of flab which hangs over his belt (see video below). This is another example of atheism being a religion of foolish and depraved clowns.

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    Swedish Minister of Agriculture on bestiality

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    TheAmazingAtheist: Diet Plan

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    2. horses, public domain:

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    Who is unemployed now? Once again, wisdom is vindicated by her deeds

    Lowest unemployment rate states and all of them voted for John McCain:

    NEBRASKA 3.9

    Highest unemployment rate states in America and all of them voted for Barack Obama:

    NEW JERSEY 9.2
    NEVADA 11.6

    Once again, wisdom is vindicated by her deeds.

    Barack Obama's Legacy of Failure

    Obama voters